Why do business with us?



We have considerable export experience of Japanese food like Wagyu, Kurobuta/Shirobuta, Tuna.  We are exporting to many countries such as Italy, UK, US, Switzerland, and have advanced knowledges and skills of export overall.  So we are confident about helping you try Japanese food that have unique and fantastic flavors. 





 There are many brands we are dealing with.  Those brands come from the North to the Sounth of Japan and cover a wide range.  You can try all the brands and find the best for you.





In many cases, you are allowed to buy whold one head of cattle or pork.  This brings the waste and loss for customers.  Each customer need different type of parts, so the parts they want should vary.  But because of the wide range of our customers,  we have a chance to sell different parts to different customers depending on their orders.  This system enables us to cut the waste on the whold and brings a win-win business to customers, too.