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2019 / 03 / 01  15:00

Craft Wagyu ready to export.


Boutique farms such as Kawaguchi farm which produces “Champions of Sendai beef”, and Miyazaki’s Legendary bull “Yasuhira” bloodlines from Miyazaki Tanifuji farm, and much more Craft Wagyu farms will be available for export.


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2018 / 12 / 18  21:03

16 Dishes in Osechi Set by Justin Quek In Singapore!!


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One of Asia's most internationally-celebrated chefs, Justin Quek who has previously served former Chinese President Jiang Zemin, Bill Gates and Lee Kuan Yew. He has been involved in numerous famed restaurants in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shanghai while staying at the forefront of the F&B industry for the past three decades.  

16 Dishes in Osechi Set by Justin Quek 

1. Norwegian Salmon Confit
2. Slow Cook Sakura Chicken Medallion
3. Honey Glace Kuromame
4. Chargrill Hokkaido Scallop
5. Cooked “Live” Tiger Prawn in Court Bouillon
6. Caramelized Tazukuri with Walnut
7. Butter Roast Wagyu Beef
8. Foie Fras Parfait with Riesling Grape Jelly
9. Maine Lobster “A La Plancha”
10. “Truffle Surprise”, French Duck Foie Gras and Black Truffle
11. Scottish Smoked Salmon Mousse, Champagne Cream Jelly
12. Mont Blanc & Marron Glace with Armagnac
13. Grilled Asparagus and Parmesan Cheese
14. Soft Boiled Quail Eggs
15. Chinese Braised Australia Abalone
16. Cauliflower Puree, White Chocolate and Caviar

2017 / 11 / 15  11:59
2017 / 11 / 15  11:39

Celebrating 3rd Year Anniversary with SAGA-GYU

  The exquisite and exceptional meat quality of Saga-gyu is created not only from the natural environments of Saga Prefecture that is blessed with many mountains and rich rivers flowing between them, but also from the strong trinity between the producers, JA Saga and Saga Prefectural Government, as well as their efforts that were built and spanned over more than 30 years.

With a balanced harmony of delicate flavour and marbling comparable to art, Saga-gyu is not just the pride and representative of Japan and Japanese Wagyu brands, but also boasts of strong popularity outside of Japan in countries such as Singapore, which is well-acclaimed as a gastronomic hub. Our company started the full-scale sales and marketing of Saga beef in FY2014 and is now welcoming our 3rd year.

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2016 / 09 / 29  10:50

Micheline Guide Singapore


The CUT's review by Michelin Guide Inspector "The original West Coast celebrity chef is winning over Singaporeans one Hokkaido Snow Beef rib-eye at a time. While the bone marrow flan at this luxurious steakhouse is just as good as the LA original, don't forget you're really here for the beef. The meat is perfectly seasoned and grilled over charcoal before being finished off under a 1200 degree broiler to leave it succulent and juicy, and the side dishes are pretty good, too."

By MICHELIN Gide Inspectors


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